C-BiLLT & Translations

Currently, We are collaborating with an international group of collegues to establish a German, Norwegian, Swedish, Romanian and English version of the C-BiLLT.
We specifically aim to:
1. Examine the linguistic hierarchy of the German, Norwegian and English C-BiLLT and pilot the assessment on typically developing children.
2. Provide reliability and validity ratings of the translated versions of the C-BiLLT in typically developing children.
3. Assess the feasibility of the translated versions of the C-BiLLT on children with severe CP.

First draft of the German version and pilot study started in September 2017 and is still in process.
Translation, as well as the pilot study of the Norwegian version has been completed. Training and implementation of the Norwegian version in Norway are in preparation.
In april 2018 the pilot study of the (Canadian) English version of the C-BiLLT has started. Data collection is currently taken place in the region of Ontaria Canada. 
Pilot studies of the Swedish and Romanian version of the C-BiLLT are in preparation. 
Countries such as Spain, Colombia and Argentina have shown interest for a Spanish version of the C-BiLLT.